National Surplus Agency specializes in locating and recovering possible funds remaining after a property foreclosure sale. We audit legal foreclosure documents and hundreds of government agencies throughout the entire country to find these funds.

If you've received a telephone call, letter or email from us, then we've located funds we believe you are entitled to, please contact us right away.

Claim Process

We thoroughly research your unclaimed funds

First, we research the claim to discover who the legal claimant is. Then we thoroughly research any other lien holders who could possibly claim a portion or even all of the funds.

We prepare the paperwork and file your claim

We will send you a few pages of documents to be signed. Then we put the complete claims package together and file the claim with the proper agency. We cover all upfront expenses and legal fees.

We fight for your claim

We continually follow up with the agency throughout the whole process to keep the claim moving forward and to respond to any additional requests made by the agency.

We ensure your claim money is in your hands

Once the agency approves the claim, then we notify you of the good news. The agency will send out a check and we will send you your funds within 10 days.