National Surplus Agency specializes in locating and recovering possible funds remaining after a property foreclosure sale. We audit legal foreclosure documents and hundreds of government agencies throughout the entire country to find these funds.

If you've received a telephone call, letter or email from us, then we've located funds we believe you are entitled to, please contact us right away.

Claim Document

Contingency fee agreement

This is an agreement between you and our company. It spells out the terms and scope of our claim recovery service. It also defines how we work on a Contingency-Fee basis which simply means we never charge you anything up front and we only take a fee if and when we are successful.

Assignment of interest in tax deed sale excess proceeds

The government agency requires authorization for us to work on your behalf to claim your overage funds and this document accomplishes that.

Letter of direction

This letter defines who the parties are and directs the government agency on how to process the claim and disburse the funds. This helps avoid mistakes that can slow down the processing of your claim.

Affidavit of heirship (only for heirs of the deceased)

This is a sworn statement used to establish ownership of property when the original owner dies in the estate (without a Will).