National Surplus Agency specializes in locating and recovering possible funds remaining after a property foreclosure sale. We audit legal foreclosure documents and hundreds of government agencies throughout the entire country to find these funds.

If you've received a telephone call, letter or email from us, then we've located funds we believe you are entitled to, please contact us right away.

About Us

Did you know that over 14 billion dollars from foreclosures, tax overpayments, mortgage overpayments, funds related to property sales, and money from other types of transactions is being held by the U.S. Government – just waiting to be claimed!

Foreclosure Refunds are real and National surplus Agency helps consumers (who may be owed a significant amount of money) file a claim with the proper government agency to get their money back – all with NO upfront costs to you. We really enjoy it when we send a check to our clients for thousands of dollars that they didn't even know existed before we contacted them.